January 28, 2010

TBD'S Guide to Internships

photo credit : Les Roches Marbella

So you want to get an internship, huh? Here's a few tips and resources for accomplishing your goals.

Tips for High School & College Students:

First off, internships are a great way to gain hands on experience in your future career field. Classes in high school and college will provide basic and moderate knowledge about your career, but an internship also helps to build relationships, and can start you on the right track for networking. It's beneficial to stay in contact and meet people whom have a job that you're interested in, that way you can gain insights into that profession and perhaps even tips about those jobs.

Internships also help students decide whether that career field is what they're actually interested in. Sometimes they can make or break a career decision. If you can rack in as many internships as possible, you'll be more likely to decide on a set profession.

An internship will set you apart from other students and looks great on your resume-employers will be impressed!

How to get an internship- Resources & Advice

1. Talk to your guidance counselor or advising office in school for an updated list of current internships.
2. Create an account on Scholarships.com and/or Fastweb.com -these are free scholarship databases & internship searches.
3. Sign up for ThinkIntern.com for more internship availabilities.
4. After you create an account, fill out the profile to the best of your ability, that way you can apply for as many internships as possible.
5. Check out Internqueen.com-she held 15 internships throughout her school years!
6. For those that are interested in magazine and design internships, check out Ed2010.com- they're constantly updating their internship lists.

My secret tip for internships-
Twitter users, especially businesses, sometimes tweet about intern positions, so check around and see if the next internship can be yours!

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