February 28, 2010

TBD Healthy Lifestyle Advice

Photo Credit: adria.richards

Hey everyone! So tomorrow marks the beginning of March and that prompts me to think about Spring Break and more importantly-bikini season (AHH). Regardless of whether you want to tone up, shed some pounds or just get on a health kick, here are a few tips and tools to make the transition to a beautiful body easier! Just a heads up- I'm not a health professional, but I am definitely interested in weight loss and healthy lifestyles so I have done some research!

Okay here are my tips:

  • Set some goals and write them down. Make a contract with yourself to eat better, work out and live more positively. Writing it all down will help to keep you on track. With this step, try to set a goal(s) that truly is attainable, but don't put yourself down if you get off track for a day or so-just start back up again the next day. I'd suggest these goals to be on a monthly basis-not too long to complete or too short to see results.
  • Spend time on yourself: To me, this can be the hardest to do in my busy schedule. Try to allow at least 20 minutes in your routine for pampering time. This will definitely relieve stress! I suggest trying Yoga to calm yourself down after a hectic or busy day. 
  • Exercise and drink lots of water: I suggest working out at least three times a day for 20 minutes or more. This will ensure the stretching of your muscles and assist in toning your body. 
  • Eat Well: Probably the most important step in weight loss and healthy living. It has been said that good nutrition accounts for 70% of weight loss. You can exercise for hours a day and still not see results if your eating habits are poor. I suggest cutting out sweets, soda, and packaged/processed foods. Try to get more veggies and fruits into your diet and try to cook the foods yourself for a guaranteed fresh meal.
  • Surround yourself with positivity: Negative environments lead to stress which can prompt emotional eating. The same goes for people- try to surround yourself with individuals that maintain the same goals as yourself. They can help you sustain your goals and will provide the support you need to continue with your life.

Just making these changes into your daily routine will help in weight loss and healthy living. 

Tools to make healthy lifestyles easier:

Diet/Exercise/Fitness Apps on Android Phones and iPhone/iPods: These apps range from fitness tips to exercise videos and most of them are either free or fewer than $5! If you're looking for nutritional information, I'd suggest the Restaurants App for either the iPhone or Android phone. Also, the Eat This, Not That app showcases healthy alternatives to unhealthy meals at popular restaurants.

Top Apps: 
Food Calorie
Eat This, Not That

Tracking Websites: These sites are great tools to track your daily fitness and nutrition habits.

Top Sites:

I hope you will join me in getting back into shape and maintaining a new healthy lifestyle!


  1. Thank you so much for this! I haven’t been this moved by a post for a long period of time! You have got it, whatever that means in blogging. Anyway, You are definitely somebody that has something to say that people need to hear. Keep up the great job. Keep on inspiring the people!

  2. You point out clearly the essential factors we need to know about having a healthy lifestyle. Aside from healthy body, we also need to have a peaceful mind in order to perform our duties well.

  3. Thanks :) These comments made my day!