September 24, 2010

Fresh Face in Five Minutes

photo credit: A Chilling Soul
Hello sleeping beauty! You’ve woken up late. Usually there’s enough time in the morning to do the essentials-hair, clothes, makeup, breakfast…but not today. Instead of going au natural to work or school consider these tips to creating a gorgeous face in just five minutes, a look that your coworkers will covet and it can be a little secret that you had hardly anytime to complete!

First step: Determine what type of foundation is needed today. If skin looks dry- go grab a cream concealer and/or cream foundation. If it’s normal, consider tinted moisturizer or liquid foundation. Using your fingertips or a foundation brush apply the concealer (if needed) and dab it under your eyes and the inner corners of your lids. Then apply foundation in a circular motion to your cheeks, forehead and jaw line. This should take no more than two minutes.

Second step: Apply Eyeliner in brown/black to the roots of your lashes-upper and lower. Depending on your eye shape, fill the line completely around your eyes or stop in the center for a more natural look. This should take no more than 30 seconds.

Third step: Apply your favorite mascara! For an eye-opening look, coat your lashes with three to four swipes of mascara in black. This should take 1 minute.

Fourth Step: Pucker up and apply a Rose or Pink toned lipstick. Since these shades are natural looking, they will amplify your natural lip color and give you a flush to your lips and face. Application time: No more than 30 seconds.

Fifth Step: Dust on some Blush: To give your skin a natural glow-apply peachy toned blush to the apples of your cheeks. This will give your face color and you’ll look awake and ready for the day. Application time: No more than a minute!

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