October 4, 2010

OPC: Day Three

Today's challenge...well really yesterday's challenge was to take a photo of something I bought. I was trying to get this post in before midnight but of course I had to redesign my site and then what do you know-it's already a few minutes past 12....oh well! Better late than never :) So technically yesterday I went to Walmart and picked up some beauty and hair products-two of my weaknesses!

I am in desperate need of moisture in my hair so I've decided to try Aussie's 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner-hopefully it will help! I also picked up some styling products for when my hair is curly since I ran out, a buffing block for my nails, gum, and a new pressed powder for my face. My liquid foundations aren't matching my skin tone as much now so I went for L'oreal's True Match super blend-able powder... we'll see how it works!

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