November 10, 2010


Tomorrow is the BIG day...

I get two wisdom teeth out and I am dreading it. I seriously stuffed my face with so many delicious foods today because in my mind I have NO idea when I will be able to enjoy such delicacies as chicken nuggets and fries again. I'm being totally serious!

Have you ever struggled with your teeth? It's been a constant challenge for me since I was a child...I am blessed with a small mouth that has hardly any room for my molars. Since April my dentist has recommended to get the 3rd molars removed but me being my stubborn self kept refusing...wish me luck!

On a happier note, I will be blogging for Her Campus again! Now I will be featured on the beauty blog- Chrissy's Beauty School. I really like HC and I can't wait to start next week!

This past weekend was my father's 50th surprise birthday party and it was a huge success! Here's a quick pic I took at the party- I chose to keep my look simple and sophisticated.

Seriously an awesome nostalgic Coca-Cola bottle! Super sweet compared to today's drink!

Lastly, today we had a ladies night out and saw Morning Glory featuring the incredibly talented Rachel McAdams. I love her! She was really quirky in this movie and I enjoyed how realistic the film turned out to be. I happen to be in a studio tv class this semester and the whole movie portrayal of a morning show was oddly similar to what we're practicing in class-pretty awesome!

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