December 4, 2010

Hair History

Happy Saturday!
So I decided today that in order to get more personal with this blog I’d do a post on my hair history. I’d love for any of my readers to do the same and be featured as a guest writer.
Anyways, since I was born I have had a head full of hair. All the way up until 8th grade my hair was a medium brown shade. Then I was introduced to highlights because a bunch of my friends in middle school had them and I had to try it out. My mom did them for me; mind you she had never once dyed her own hair. Long story short, I had one big yellow stripe down the top of my head and the rest was medium brown…can you say SKUNK?! That wasn’t the best year… So after that I decided to dye my hair a honey brown color for summer time and it looked good until the roots started coming in. That’s just my middle school years.
At the start of high school I played around with a bunch of different shades and hues. Most of them were in the brown family so you might not notice much of a difference in my photos. I’ll stop here to say that in the sun my hair naturally picks up golden highlights which I love! 

For my junior year I decided to dye my hair reddish brown but in photos it looked almost orange! I think if I would’ve toned down the color a bit I would’ve really liked it. Approaching my senior year, I chose to dye my hair darkest brown and I loved that shade because it looked really natural!
Starting college my hair had grown back to its natural color but I wanted a change so I dyed my hair reddish brown again and that didn’t last long at all. I kept growing out my hair and dying it different shades of brown and so the ends were starting to look really damaged. I finally cut it to a bit below my shoulders and dyed it black for my sophomore year of college. The color was great and one of my favorites but I am totally an impulsive person, so in two months I wanted highlights again. I really should have listened to my inner voice saying *skunk* because I wound up with bright orange highlights that framed my face…not good at all! Two days later I went to Fantastic Sams and got my hair re-dyed black.
I let my hair stay black for a while and decided to start playing with my hair length. One day I decided I wanted a chin length bob so I went for it and really liked it until it started growing out. Fast forward to this past April, and I got my hair done at another salon- they gave it a “star” shaped cut and put in red lowlights. It was AWESOME…until the red faded and my hair looked really weird grown out!

So here we are today, I have my hair a little bit above my shoulders and a month ago I dyed it with Clairol Natural Instincts in the shade Golden Cappuccino which is a dark golden brown.
My ultimate goal is to grow my hair out to below my shoulders with layers, preferably a light brown shade as well.
What’s your hair history?? And what color should I try next??


  1. aw, you're such a cutie, I like the last look best, very girl-next-door. I like that although your hair has changed, you've got a 100 watt smile in every pic. I don't know what color you should do next-- maybe try some red high lights with many dark lowlights-- you could have red hair with much less upkeep than an entire hair dye job. does your hair grow long easily? b/c mine doesn't and I like to live vicariously through women with long hair :)
    anyways, I wish you'd post more pictures of yourself

  2. Aww thanks :) I actually just recently went for a very dark brown/black shade and I really like it! As for posting more photos, I plan to once I get my new camera for Christmas! Can't wait :)

    As for my hair growing out fast-I wish! I envy so many girls with long beautiful hair!