December 27, 2010

Hair & Nails of the Day

Today I was feeling a bit adventurous and decided to pamper myself! Over the weekend I bought my first OPI nail polish in an effort to finally grow out my always bitten nails and I picked up some hair clips to attempt a hot roller curl look for next weekend.

Around noon I whipped out the polish and carefully applied it to my super short nails. The shade is Let Me Entertain You, a gorgeous sparkly magenta color featured in the Burlesque OPI nail collection.

A while after my nails were done, I dusted off the box of my ancient curler set- the Remington Care Setter, and plugged it into the outlet. I've never done a hot roller set before so I was definitely intimidated, considering my hair is really thick! After the set was ready, I took different sections of my hair and rolled them up, left the curlers on for about 20 minutes and voila! I had bouncy and soft waves that looked awesome!

Of course, I indulged in a mini-shoot with my newly coifed hair...enjoy!

In other news, below are my current favorite reads. I highly recommend both as fun winter break books because I found myself staying up late into the night trying to finish each. I have a confession..I love to read, especially teen fiction novels and juicy stories! What are your favorite books for December?


  1. I also recently stopped biting my nails, a few months ago. The secret for me was constant manicures. Once you put that much time and effort into your nails, you'll think twice before ruining them.

  2. Gorgeous colour!

  3. Melina that sounds like a great idea! I think I'll be more adamant this time around with not biting them because I love the color of the nail polish!
    Thanks Meekay!

  4. gorgeous hair!

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