January 16, 2011

At Home Hair Color-L'oreal Mega Browns

I am a bit of a hair color junkie. I love trying new hair color trends and if you've read my hair color history post, you know that I have no problem experimenting with all different kinds of shades!

I've tried salon color and at home color from a box, but this time I wanted to try something different, so I went to Sally's Beauty Supply and picked up two bottles of hair dye- L'oreal Mega Browns hair dye in Chocolate(which has a red-violet base), a 20 volume developer, hair painting brush from Hot Tools, and gloves.

Different from box color, the hair dye bottles from a beauty supply store range in different bases, levels and shades and you can easily select a color depending on your hair color base and tone. The store associate was very nice to me and directed me straight to L'oreal Mega Browns once I told her exactly what I wanted. I also loved how by most of the brands there were hair colored pieces that you could pick up and place by your face to see how it would look if you dyed it that shade. 

Once home, I mixed the two bottles of hair dye (4 oz) with the same amount of the developer in a plastic container. After a few minutes the mixture was creamy and ready to be applied onto my hair! 

Prior to me coloring my hair, I had a lot of crazy non-colored patches in light brown/dark brown shades from previous attempts in dying my own hair. I really wanted to just cover up those patches and have a nice solid all-over dark brown hair color with a hint of red to it. 

After taking multiple sections of my hair and applying the dye to them, I let my hair sit for 20 minutes and then washed the color out with lukewarm water. Then I applied a deep conditioner to my hair and rinsed. I have to say that because my hair is super thick, the process took a long time! We left it in a bit too long so for a few days after the initial dye process, when I took a shower, the water still ran dark with excess dye. Overall though, after three days, my hair is a gorgeous dark brown/black shade! I love it and will definitely be dying my hair like this from here on. I really like to be in control of the color turn out and mixing it myself. The only con is that it did get messy in my bathroom!



To make sure that my hair color lasts, I picked up a new shampoo and conditioner. I've never tried the Pureology brand before, but I've heard great things about their whole line of products, so we'll see! I got the Essential Repair line because my hair is a bit damaged from all the coloring I've done to it!


  1. im considering dying my hair this exact color. it looks great on you but it might look way too dark/black on me. has your haircolor faded into a slight lighter shade now? i really dont want to dye it too dark bc im a bit lighter skinned than you and i might look weird. please help! i definately want the "chocolate" effect on my hair. so should i change shade or what? thanks!

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  3. I've been using this exact color and developer for years and it looks so different on me. Hmm. Mine is not dark at all, it turns out medium brown and in the light you can see a lot of red undertones.

  4. It depends what color she started off with, hers looks darker because Color cannot lift color (previous dye), so it just deposited on top of the dark color she already had and didn't make it lighter. If you have lighter hair, it will look lighter.

  5. It also depends on the porosity of your hair; if its really dry and damaged that means the cuticle of your hair shaft is already open, so when you color your hair with standard 20 volume developer it opens the cuticle even more, therefore the hair really soaks in the color causing the hair shaft to be super-saturated with the color pigments making it appear much darker. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, it also causes color to fade faster. If you want to keep your color looking fresh as long as possible, be sure to use shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair, DO NOT use hydrating shampoo and conditioner, this will make the color fade faster. Make sure you aren't washing your hair in hot water either, this makes color fade faster too, and be sure to use the warm setting on your hair dryer instead of the hottest one.

  6. Looks no different u ugly turd