February 6, 2011

Forever 21 Haul

Hello again! I am so happy to announce that my Macbook is up and running again! Thank you to all my followers for being patient- I was unable to use my laptop for a whole month because my power plug died out.

A few weeks ago I received my Forever 21 shipment. I had never ordered any clothes online before and I had a few Christmas giftcards for F21 so I went on an online shopping spree! I love Forever 21 stores but sometimes I feel overwhelmed when I go shopping because there are so many choices! The online site is so convenient and easy to use. I picked out a bunch of tops and some accessories with some hesitation on the sizes, but luckily everything fits and they look great.

White button down $12, black top $6, red dolman top $12
F21 Dress $10.99
Blue Heels $14.80
F21 Shades $1.50 & Turquoise Ring $5.80
 Have a great week :)


  1. omg i love that turquoise ring! do you know if forever21.com still have that red and black top in stock?

  2. They might have the black top. I don't think they still have the red :(