March 6, 2011

Haircut Tips for Curls

photo credit: margolove
Have you experienced the grown out hair phase? You know what I’m talking about-you go and get an amazing haircut done at the salon only for it to grow out into a horrendous hairstyle after a few months? If you’ve yet to have this happen, lucky you! Unfortunately this was my dilemma last year, but I finally decided to make a change.

I decided to try hair modeling with a Paul Mitchell Focus Salon last April. The cut and color was free and they gave my hair a stylistic shape. Mind you I had no say in the actual hair cut but after they smoothed and straightened it out it looked really good. Little did I know that I would never be able to recreate that look once I stepped out of the salon. Don’t get me wrong, I was able to maintain a similar style for about a month but once my hair started to grow out, my curls lost their shape and it was a nightmare trying to style my hair with products.

At first I thought I was doing something wrong, but after trying about five different hair care brands, I realized that I had to get my hair re-cut. When I got my hair straightened at another salon a few months later, the stylist insisted that my ends were dry and I needed to cut my hair but of course I refused.

My family and I went on a cruise during the summer and with all of the outdoor heat my hair was a poof ball that could not be managed. Literally I came home from the trip and booked my appointment with a local Fantastic Sams. Some of you at this point might say, "I will never let those people touch my hair because they’re too inexpensive!" I honestly disagree. To me, it doesn’t matter if it’s a high end salon or the local one doing my hair, just the person who is actually cutting it. Thankfully the stylist at Fantastic Sams knew exactly how to manage my thick curly hair.

After about ten minutes I left the salon feeling and looking like a brand new person! My head felt lighter and she still kept most of the length so that my hair could grow out to my desired length in a couple of months.

I don’t know about you but my hair has always been a constant challenge in my life. If you can find someone who can help with taming the beast it’s a beautiful thing.

I have a few insider tips when deciding to get your hair cut with a new stylist:
  • Bring pictures along with you to show the stylist your desired look.
  • If all you want is a trim, make sure to convey that point to the stylist.
  • You always want to be on the same page as your stylist to avoid disappointment with your look.
  • Curly hair is different than straight hair. Unless you plan to straighten your locks every week, plan on choosing a style that enhances your natural texture.
  • Allow enough time to get in and out of the salon.
  • Check out different local salons and talk to friends and family to see who they recommend. It’s great to find a stylist who knows how to work with our textures.
-I hope my experience can provide some insight or help into your life! Have a great day!


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