April 27, 2011

Hair Modeling at Aveda Institute

I love getting a good haircut, but usually procrastinate on it because I hate having to shed out the big bucks since my hair is so thick and curly! Some salons will charge $10-20 more depending on the length and texture of the hair.

Yesterday morning, I looked in the mirror and decided that my hair was desperately in need of a trim! I happened to find a beauty service ad online promoting hair models at the Aveda Institute in St. Petersburg. I made an appointment and fell in love with the place as soon as I stepped in!

Aveda Institute is a cosmetology program located in different parts of Florida. The St. Petersburg school was closest to my house, so I ventured over and was truly impressed. Monika C. was my hairdresser and she listened to all my needs and asked me a bunch of questions to make sure that I would walk out of the school as happy as can be. 

Unlike other hair modeling programs that I've participate in, Aveda allows their clients to choose the look that they would like to achieve. They can even do color if that is what you want. At first I just wanted a trim, but after talking to Monika, we decided to layer my hair, thin it out a bit, and blowdry it for a sleek finish.

The results were amazing! My hair is so soft and feels incredibly healthy! The school asks that you pay a $15 minimum on any product you choose and so basically you get your hair service and a take home product for $15 or up (depending on the cost of the product you choose). 
I will definitely be going back for hair color soon! Have you ever been a hair model before? What was your experience like?

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