May 17, 2011

Internship Attire ft. H&M

Business attire can be so tricky to find, especially at an affordable price. My internship will be starting soon and I'm in dire need of new career clothes! At my current job, jeans and a black top will suffice, but at my internship, it's all about the button down shirts and trousers, pencil skirts, and what not! 

H&M has some great selections for business wear that can range from dressy casual to traditional dress. I put together two looks that could work well with many different companies as appropriate attire. 

Look #1: 
Button Down $12.99, Black Blazer $12.49, Pencil Skirt $14.99, Bracelet $5.99, Heels $14.99, Clutch $12.99

Look #2:
Pencil Skirt $14.99, Sweater $19.99, Top $7.99, Bracelet $.99, Flats $14.99

What will you be wearing at your internship?

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