June 27, 2011

New York Adventures

Hello lovelies :)

I had the wonderful opportunity to visit New York last week as part of my communications internship and it was invigorating! The trip was part business, part fun and today's post is all about the mini treasures I found while up in NY. Btw, stick to the end to learn more about my internship if you're interested!

Like any girl in the city, my first stop was to find places to shop! I walked to the H&M on 5th Ave. and bought a black top on sale for only $10. I really hope that they bring more H&M's to Florida! My shopping spree continued in Times Square where my friends and I visited the four story Forever 21....LOVE.

As the trip continued, we all decided to walk down to Central Park. I've visited different parks in my hometown, and Central Park is incredible. I was so intrigued by all the activities happening in the park. There were people roller skating, listening to music, having picnics...you name it! We happened to stop by a fountain and did the traditional make a wish coin toss.

On our last night, we were fortunate enough to dance and party the night away at the Hard Rock Cafe! It was a blast!

On to the business part, my internship is through the Emma Bowen Foundation. The internship is for minorities with an interest in the media business. I happen to be 100% Puerto Rican with a passion for TV Production and graphic design. This year marks my fourth year in the foundation and it's a fantastic experience. Each summer the foundation sends 200 interns over to NY all expenses paid to meet and network with the top executives in the media business. If you're starting to get interested, and love the news world- check out my pic below of our one one session with Roger Ailes and Dennis Swanson of News Corporation and Fox. I feel so fortunate to be able to meet these amazing people!

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