July 6, 2011

L'oreal Preference Les True Brunettes Hair Color Review

Call me the Hair Color Whisperer.

My cousin Lauren has been contemplating lightening up her medium brown hair for weeks now and we finally decided to take matters into our own hands. I researched hair coloring kits online and came across  L'oreal Preference Ultra Lightening Hair Color in Ultra Light Ash Brown UL61. A bit hesitant at first, I purchased the color and we headed home to experiment.
Contents of the Hair Color
Inside the Box:
Color Optimizing Creme Developer
Color Gel

The Process:
We read through the instructions and mixed the color with the developer. It's really important to shake the bottle up to maintain the right consistency! Instead of relying on the bottle to apply directly onto the hair, we emptied the contents into a plastic container and applied the color with a hair paintbrush. I feel like painting right onto the hair is so much more efficient than constantly squeezing the color onto your gloves or hair directly.

Lauren's hair is naturally a medium brown with reddish undertones. A few months back we colored her hair with a permanent medium brown color. Her roots were already visible and although we knew her hair wouldn't be as light as the box shade, we hoped that it would at least lift her hair 2-3 shades.
The first step was to apply the color 1 inch away from the roots all the way to the ends. After leaving the color to sit for 30 minutes, we then applied color to the roots for another 15 minutes. The color of the product is a light mauve/gray which was a bit intimidating, but after 10 minutes in her hair was already lightening up a bit. The hair dye scent was quite powerful while mixing and through the application but after a while you just get used to it! If you have strong allergies, I'd definitely recommend doing the allergy strand test before applying the all-over color! We then washed out the hair color in lukewarm water and applied the conditioner to her hair. The directions suggest to leave the conditioner in for 2-3 minutes and so we did, which by the way, the conditioner smells so good and makes the hair super soft!

The Results:
We were pleasantly surprised at the amount of lift this hair color was able to provide! The only thing that would've made the whole application better was if we had purchased two boxes instead of just one. We plan to use this color again on her in a month to brighten up the roots for school.
Ultimately, I'd give this Hair Dye 5 stars. The color took so well and the application was incredibly easy! We made sure to choose the Ash Brown shade to counteract any unwanted yellow or orange tones from peaking through after the hair dye was washed out and it turned her once medium brown hair into a beautiful light copper brown shade. 

Have you ever tried this product? What are your thoughts?


  1. Did you dye her eyebrows too? Im debating trying this color but im scared my eyebrows are too dark. Do u have a front pix of the after look?

  2. amazing beatiful result. I have died my hair with loreal preference also, the color is very subtle and nice.

  3. Wow amazing. I've always been too scared to change my color too drastically. I bought 2 boxes of dye the other day and was googling to importance of doing the roots last because thats the first time I have seen it but if you followed the directions to a t and got good results I will as well. Too many horror stories of people just straight up not reading the directions (like dying previously dyed 3 times in a month hair and then going 20 shades lighter or having bleached out their hair color and dying it a burgandy or leaving it on an extra 30 mins to take better) and getting horrific coloring so I will play it safe and be patient and dye my roots last.

  4. Does her hair usually turn orange/yellow or brassy when she lifts it? I want to use this as well but every time I try to dye my hair the color turns out orange, even if the color I'm using is ash. I think that the ultra lift is designed to prevent this but I'm still skeptical. Does anyone else have any feedback where this is concerned? Will the ultra lift succeed at preventing a brassy tone where other colors fail?

    1. No it doesn't make dark hair orange or brassy, I have black hair and my hair turns orange whenever I get highlights unless they do it a long time. This hair dye lightens it without turning it orange. It's a great color.

  5. This is exactly the color I would like! Looks great! :)

    However, there are alot of reviews for this product that says it will have no affect on 'already dyed hair'. I dyed my hair from Black to Dark Brown a year ago and my roots have grown out. Will this product work on my already dyed hair as well as my roots? :(

  6. When I used this colour, it didn't turn out as awesome as it did on your cousin there! Woah! I am impressed!

    I will have to try using this dye again! Never try l'oreal feria haha. They are not good at all!