August 12, 2011

Summer Date Night Fashion

I'm a huge fan of finding stylish clothes on a student budget. I love to shop but stray away from the higher priced items because let's face it, I'd rather save my money...or spend it on great makeup! Anyways, I love stores such as Forever 21 and H&M because they have trendy clothes at affordable prices! Also, the different styles are incredible. Today I put together three different outfits from H&M that would be perfect for a summer date night. Each feature simple accessories and pretty colors to enhance your natural beauty.

So which one will you wear tonight?
products from H&M
Look One: Lace Dress 34.95, Bracelet 12.95, Nail Polish 4.95, Brown Purse 24.95
Look Two: Blouse 24.95, Jeans 29.95, Black Purse 17.95, Heels 24.95
Look Three: Dress 24.95, Bracelets 5.95, Shoes 24.95, Necklace 5.95

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