September 5, 2011

Review: Neutrogena Healthy Skin Makeup

So I finally caved in and purchased Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup. I had seen a bunch of ads for it and reviews on YouTube and was in need of a new foundation after leaving my old one (Revlon PhotoReady) in the car under the beating hot sun.

So what’s the gist on this foundation? Neutrogena describes Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup as “flawless coverage, lightweight, silky formula,” and “the exclusive blend plus SPF 20 work together to visibly improve skin’s luminosity, tone and texture.”

I’ve only been using this product for about a week now so I will do a follow-up after a month or so, but overall I really like the way this foundation looks on my skin. I first pour a little bit of the makeup onto the top of my hand and then take my fingertips and blend the makeup all over my face.

I purchased the product at my local Target for $8.99. The foundation usually is priced around $12 but it was on sale for $9.99 and I had a $1 off coupon!

On to the review:


I love the color that I chose- 06 Natural Beige. It’s not too yellow based and when I add my bronzer on top I get a nice sun kissed glow. For comparison sake, I’m 06 Medium Beige in Revlon Photo Ready Foundation and NC 30/35 in MAC Studio Fix Powder.

The price is affordable considering I’ve spent almost $50 for foundation in the past. It’s a great liquid foundation and I already like it more than other department store brands.

The scent isn’t overbearing at all. The makeup has a fresh scent to it, possibly to add to the appeal of the antioxidant blend that the company claims the makeup has.

This foundation has spf 20 and minimal white cast for photos! Great skin protection and overall lovely coverage for the skin.


I do find myself having to touch up after a few hours. The makeup is more sheer-medium coverage unless you apply it over and over again. It’s okay for me because I don’t suffer from too many breakouts. Those of you with acne prone skin might not find this foundation to be heavy enough to cover every blemish evenly.

I wish the foundation packaging came with a pump. The foundation currently just has a screw on lid and then an opening for the makeup to come out, so it’s quite difficult to not pour out too much and thus waste the foundation.

There aren’t enough shades in the collection, especially for darker skin tones.

I wish the foundation was just a bit thicker. I was surprised at first at how runny the makeup is, but after it’s blended it molds into the skin perfectly.

Overall Take:

Me wearing the foundation
Ultimately what I really like about this foundation is that it’s not too heavy or cakey, it blends very nicely onto my skin. I have sensitive dry skin and I don’t happen to notice any dry patches after applying this makeup. Also, I really love the dewy skin finish. This foundation doesn’t have any shimmer in it, unlike Revlon Photo Ready which sometimes made me feel like Edward Cullen from Twilight ;)

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  1. Wonderful! you are so right and I needed to hear this.