October 3, 2011

Trend to try: Military Green Jacket

Target Military Green Jacket
About two months ago, I received a Macy's gift card from one of my best friends for my birthday. I stopped into my local Macy's and headed straight for their Juniors section but a nearby jacket in the Petite section caught my eye. It was a military green jacket with a zipper and also buttons for different style options. I took it off the rack, tried it on and fell in love! The color complemented my tan skin perfectly and the size was fantastic because the jacket fell right at my waist, great for a fitted look. I bought the jacket and tucked it neatly away into my closet for Autumn.

Here we are in October and I've finally worn my awesome jacket. I love styling it with a plain white or black shirt and ripped jeans. The look is very casual and fun. I was also inspired by the look worn by Cassie from the new show on the CW, The Secret Circle. In the recent episodes, Cassie has been sporting a military green jacket and a coral top. I happened to have a coral shirt in my wardrobe, so I whipped it out along with my pink Timex Camper watch and felt like such a fashionista. 

Credit: CW
The trend is very popular right now, and I've seen all kinds of these jackets at stores like Target, Forever 21, Macy's, Hollister and American Eagle. 

Have you tried out this trend? What do you pair your jacket with?


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  2. Love the jacket...and way to go for thinking ahead! I always tell myself to shop the clearance rack at the end of the season...and then never get around to it! Thanks for inspiring me...summer anyone?! :)