November 12, 2011

Lush Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb

Envision yourself immersed in citrus scented water and golden glitter. Say hello to Dragon's Egg, a bath bomb by Lush. If you're unfamiliar with this product, it's a big ball of goodness that you drop into your bath water and then magic happens. 

Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb
All you have to do is run your warm bath water and then drop the ball into the water under the faucet. Then you start to see the water change colors, and depending on what Bath Bomb you get, some will have glitter, confetti, or other cool things that float in the water!

What I love the most about the products from Lush is that they don't make me break out or itch. Their products are a lot more organic than other brands that I've tried. Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb is such a fun product because the scents that are emitted once it dissolves are so soothing and it's and affordable way to pamper yourself any day of the week. Instead of taking a quick shower, you can actually set aside 10-15 minutes in a warm and relaxing bath. 


  1. i love lush ahhh this looks very good

  2. Omg, I HAVE to get me one of these! Thanks for sharing this, because I have to buy a bunch of these now and not share!