January 30, 2012

Five Steps to Gorgeous Curls

It’s taken me a while to embrace my curly hair. I feel like curly hair is so experimental and creative, if you take the time to work with it. When I was younger I used to think that I was at a disadvantage with my curly locks, but as I’ve grown up, I’ve realized just how versatile my hair can be!

Gorgeous curly hair is attainable with proper care and maintenance. Try out these steps and see just how much your hair will change!

1. Shampoo less often. Washing hair with shampoo every day strips it of the natural oils causing hair to be brittle and more prone to breakage. I try to shampoo every other day and on the days that I’m not shampooing I just wash my hair with conditioner instead. Also, try shampooing with a Sulfate Free product, like L’oreal EverCreme to keep hair soft and detergent free.
2. Limit the use of your brush. Scrunch with your fingers instead for a more natural look. You can twirl your hair around your fingers and hold for spiral waves or scrunch with gel for more defined curls. Brushing out curls with result in frizz and split ends, so stay away from the comb and brush as much as possible! If you have to brush, make sure you do it on dry hair to limit damage and breakage.

3. Find a good hairstylist. I can’t stress this tip enough. A stylist that knows curls will help to create a beautiful shape within your hair to promote hair growth and curl elasticity. There’s nothing worse than a bad curly cut that leaves you looking like a pyramid. Invest some time into researching for a good salon with quality stylists and bring in photos of what you’re looking for!

4. Condition..A LOT. I recommend getting a masque or deep treatment to use once a week. Curly hair needs extra moisture and leave-ins, treatments and serums are perfect to hydrate your strands. They will also leave your hair soft and silky. There are some perfectly good drugstore brand products to choose from as well, like L’oreal and Garnier curl leave in conditioners.

5. Experiment with styles. Who’s to say that you can’t rock a curly bob or long layered waves? The sky is the limit with curly hair. Instead of throwing your hair into a ponytail everyday for work or school, take some time and practice new styles. Some of my favorites are curls with a side braid, loose waves, half-up half down, and side ponytail.

Check back regularly for your daily dose of curls :)

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