January 23, 2012

Mikel’s The Paul Mitchell Experience

Now that 2012 has arrived and is in full effect, I wanted to start the year with a new hairstyle. The past two years have been a power struggle with my curls and I vowed that this year would be the time for me to invest in a quality hair salon.

I scoured the Internet looking for salon reviews and stumbled upon Mikel’s The Paul Mitchell Experience website. The site was edgy, modern and intriguing so I sent an email to Mikel asking if there were any stylists that specialized in curly hair. I was promptly answered and three days later I stepped into the salon with my cousin Lauren, who also was in need of a new style.

Mikel’s is tucked neatly away in Soho on MacDill Ave. The salon is quaint on the outside but when you step inside, immediately the atmosphere transfixes you. We were greeted by Joseph, one the stylists, who gave us the grand tour. The salon focuses on Paul Mitchell products and awareness. They even have a interactive tool bar which teaches you how to use the Paul Mitchell hair tools. It truly makes it an education experience as well. After the tour, my appointment with the amazing Samantha began.

Unlike most salon’s that I’ve been to where the stylist begins cutting away without consulting me first, Samantha listened to my every concern. She advised me to stay away from the razor comb, which had plagued me at almost every other salon I’d been to. She was polite, personable and explained the process of how she was going to reshape my hair so that the curls would shine through. I was extremely excited!

After an AMAZING shampoo service which featured a free hand and shoulder massage, Samantha cut my hair into beautiful layers and then came the best part…my blowout from Luis, a stylist from Puerto Rico.

He knew exactly how to blowout my thick tresses and within 45 minutes my lackluster waves were turned into a sleek and shiny hairstyle. I was and still am in LOVE! My cousin took the plunge and chopped off several inches and couldn’t be happier with her layered hairstyle as well.

If you live in Tampa and want a quality and still affordable salon experience, I’d certainly recommend Mikel’s. The service is fantastic and the precision to detail of the stylists is impeccable.

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