March 22, 2012

Rimmel Fix & Perfect Pro Primer = LOVE

Hello Ladies!
Let’s talk about face primers today. For the past few months I found myself searching far and wide for the perfect primer to create a flawless foundation look with no such luck. I have recently discovered that my skin is oily and acne prone so without a primer, my foundation only lasted for 2-3 hours before it began to slide off my face, leaving a less than desirable look.

I researched online for the best face primers and came across products from Smashbox and Makeup Forever HD. Both cost just a little under $20 each for their travel size so I purchased them and tried them out with different foundations. Smashbox’s Photo Light Primer in Oil Free formula helped to keep my face looking fresh but I felt like my foundation didn’t ever settle well with the primer. Makeup Forever HD Primer was a lightweight formula that made my face look bright and awake but my foundation hardly lasted throughout the day.

I’m so happy that I only purchased the travel size and not the full sizes of these products because it would’ve been a waste! I know some girls swear by those primers but they both did nothing for my skin! Smashbox’s primer also broke me out a little bit on my chin and cheeks.

I didn’t give up on my search though and to my surprise, I’m pretty sure that my new drugstore primer is my “holy grail” product. I purchased Rimmel’s 5 in l Fix & Perfect Pro Primer at Target on a whim while picking up some other hygiene essentials and I’m in love with the results! I’ve never really used Rimmel products before but this product has me hooked to check out some of their other items!

Rimmel Fix & Perfect Pro Primer 002:

5 in 1 Results – Smoothes, Resurfaces, Brightens, Mattifies, Protects

Why do I love this primer? First off just applying it after my morning skincare routine leaves me with less redness and a more even skin tone, even without foundation! Also, I can go all day with this primer and my makeup stays on much better than anything I’ve ever tried. I am an oily girl, but now I find myself only having to touch up once with powder depending on my environment. It really does create a matte canvas for your face, which is awesome for such an affordable price ($6).

I basically just squeeze out a small portion of the primer onto my hand and then I blend it into my skin using my foundation stippling brush or fingertips. I make sure to get a good amount onto my t-zone for long lasting results. Then I apply my foundation and powder and I’m good to go!

Have any of you girls tried Rimmel’s Fix & Perfect Pro Primer? What are your thoughts?


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