September 4, 2013

Dreams List

Ever heard that a goal or dream is more likely to happen if you write it down? I'm a believer. Some of my biggest achievements so far in life were thought up in my diary months and even years prior to them coming to fruition.

Now that I've graduated college and am working in media, the dreamer in me, the girl who was always coming up with bigger and better plans slowly took the backseat while the present me steered down this great path called life. I love my job and feel so blessed. I think now is the perfect time to start dreaming again though. So here is my list (which will continually grow) containing things I want to do, see, explore and more. I can't wait to start experiencing new things and living life to the fullest!

Dreams List:

Learn another language: Spanish
Visit Georgia this year
Travel to Europe with friends
Become a healthier version of myself
Write a book
Redesign my brand and blog
Move into a beautiful home
Volunteer more with family

What's on your dream list? Happy September!

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