September 9, 2013

New Season, New Hair

Out with the old, in with the new... hello fall hair!
Before (left), After (Right)
After months of highlighted hair I finally decided to spice things up and got my hair colored over the weekend. In the past I'd run to the drugstore and diy my color but since I had a mixture of blonde and brown in my hair, I thought it would be best to leave it to the professionals.

So where do you go for amazing color and service? Mikel's The Paul Mitchell Experience in South Tampa of course! I met with my stylist, Luis (who is amazing) and discussed colors that I loved. My number one tip is to bring photos of what you like so that way there isn't any confusion! I think all in all Luis mixed about three or four different colors together to make my perfect shade of dark brown with a hint of red.

Two stylists are better than one, right?
After my hair was styled,  I couldn't believe how well the color took especially over the highlighted blonde pieces. I think fall is the perfect time to try a new hairstyle or color and I'm really loving red hues and darker colors nowadays.

Finished product- rich dark brown hair!
Are you making a hair color or style change this season? Let me know in the comments and if you live in Tampa, check out the salon for an incredible experience!

*This post isn't sponsored, I just love Mikel's, especially since my hair is thick and curly! The stylists do a wonderful job!*

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