Amazing. Fabulous. Fun. Totally Worth It - Just a few words to describe The Beautiful Diaries.

Who Am I?
- A girl that loves experimenting with beauty products, haircare, and new trends.
- college student
- intern for a production company & fashion website photo editor intern

Back to the Blog-
The sole purpose of TBD is to showcase the latest products, reviews, and trends that are hot now and the goal would be for my readers to try them out and send me photos!

So what's the catch?
Affordability. I love high fashion/makeup as well, but I'm a budget kinda girl. 
My promise is that I'll try my best to find what's a great substitute drugstore brand for the higher priced items. I'm not a professional but I love to shop and try new things.

What can readers do?
-Leave comments for sure! 
-Suggest brands for me to try out/ product reviews
-Send me photos/videos of the latest product that you've tried

Thanks mucho for reading! Hopefully you'll follow me as well!


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I am not a professional makeup artist, just a college student with a passion for all things beauty and fashion. With that, I do my best to provide accurate and honest information, but I do not guarantee that my opinions or recommendations will work for everyone.

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